Dance Airwaves Internet Radio Station

Dance Airwaves Internet Radio Station for Sale (Includes Website + Domains)

So, in 2007 I setup an internet radio station called Dance Airwaves Radio, which took off really well, especially considering I’d not started that kind of project before, but due to me not having enough time to run the site anymore I’ve now decided to close the site down. I wish to thank all those who took part in Dance Airwaves Radio, it sure was a lot of fun! Hopefully it isn’t the end of Dance Airwaves Radio though, as I’m trying to find someone who has the time to take over the site. Note for potential buyers: it’d be better if you already have knowledge of running an internet radio station or just DJing in general. Can offer help to anyone interested in taking over the station.

Anyway, as I was saying… I was getting dozens of emails from record labels, DJs etc all asking to promote their music on the station, but as I said previously, I just don’t have the time to run the site anymore, which is a shame as it has great potential! The domain has a Google PR of 3 plus ranks well in major search engines/directories and so receives a lot of traffic from those sources alone! Add promotion/marketing on social networking sites etc and you could get a ton of traffic/listeners thanks to sites such as Facebook and Twitter, hence I said it has great potential. Very good domain name too if I say so myself.

Included & domains
Website (powered by e107)
300+ registered members (no automated bots i.e. members who actually listen to radio stream and take part in the forums etc)
Radio sweepers by JES
70+ DJ mixes are already included (used for the AutoDJ server when there are no DJs playing live!)

Web Hosting & Shoutcast Hosting

If you don’t know of a good hosting provider to use, you will have no trouble with

Web Hosting:
Shoutcast Hosting:

For anyone who is interested in this, please make a reasonable offer to my email at

All the best.


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